Your child may qualify for transport into school via our fleet of minibuses. We control buses, which escort our pupils from their homes to school and back every school day.
This service is free for under-16s but post-16s have to pay for this service. Youmay seek financial assistance towards transport from the Young Peoples Learning Allowance (YPLA). This is a teacher discretionary grant and is for families who are financially challenged. There is a specific criteria to meet in order to qualify.
Our buses are driven by experienced minibus drivers and are accompanied by Passenger Assistants who not only assist the drivers in getting pupils into
school safely, but also strengthen communications between the school and
Each bus caters for different abilities; some have more wheelchair spaces than others for example; should your child qualify for this transport then he or she will be catered for appropriately.
Our minibus drivers have a duty of care to get our pupils into school safely and on time. For this reason our drivers can only wait for a limited period of time and therefore your cooperation in punctuality would be much appreciated.


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