Therapeutic Learning Group

The Therapeutic Learning Group is made up of two classes, Bluebirds and Owls, and follows a wholly appropriate curriculum, designed to provide education for pupils who have profound and multiple learning difficulties compounded by a high degree of dependency, and who require very specialised management for physical disabilities, sensory impairment and complex medical needs.

Intensive Interaction underpins everything we do and together with a range of therapies – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy, speech and language therapy, sensory integration therapy and aromatherapy – ensures the complex needs of every child is met. Postural management is the number one priority for many of our children and specialised seating and equipment is usually required. Staff have a wealth of experience and work as a team across the Therapeutic Learning Group to ensure the very best provision.

Bluebirds Class

Reception and Key Stage 1 class also caters for pupils with complex needs up to the age of 11

Bluebirds class, while being a reception and Key Stage 1 class also caters for pupils with complex needs up to the age of 11. It is very much a nurturing and assessment environment and some of the new starters at Larkrise begin their school life in Bluebirds before moving onto another class. Some pupils come into Bluebirds for a period of time to have intensive sensory input.

Owls Class

From age 11 up until students leave school at 18, 19 or 20

Owls class is the senior TLG class and caters for pupils from age 11 up until they leave school at 18, 19 or 20. Although the same Profound Curriculum and therapies form the basis of Owls class, it is a very different and wholly age appropriate environment. There is a common room area in one part of the room where Friday Film Club takes place every Friday afternoon. Postural Management, personal care and socialisation are a priority for Owls.

The ‘Profound Curriculum’ acknowledges what the learners can do by supporting and developing their strengths and abilities. It is skilled based and covers 5 core areas – Communication, Life Skills, Motor, Sensory Cognitive & Social. It is defined developmentally and is very finely stepped so that progression can be plotted, measured and acknowledged. The curriculum focuses on developing the learner’s understanding both of the world around them and of social interactions and relationships. It values the process as much as the achievement and is flexible in order to be responsive to the needs of the individual learner. It is designed to be delivered in an integrated manner incorporating learning, therapy and health needs.

Mandy Humphrey’s is the  teacher in Bluebirds and Janine Dutton is teaching in Owls . Together with an amazing team of Teaching Assistants, we make up the Therapeutic Learning group, TLG.

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