Sports Premium

                           Larkrise School Primary School PE and Sports Funding

School Sports Premium
All primary schools have been allocated, from the Government, a PE and Sports Grant for the academic year 2016 – 2017. This funding is guaranteed to continue until 2020. The funding is allocated directly to schools to provide them with a dedicated resource to increase PE and Sport provision. We have been allocated £8000 plus £5 per pupil for pupils aged 5-10years. We will continue to use this funding to make improvements and to sustain our high quality provision of PE and Sport. We want to help our pupils to lead healthy and active lifestyles.
As a school we must publish on our website how this will be used and what impact the school has seen on pupils PE and Sport participation and attainment as a result.
Our plan has taken into consideration:-
  • Our current programme includes the provision of a specialist PE teacher to either teach or support and advise colleagues. There is consistent planning and assessment that informs effective progression and development throughout the school
  • Advice and support gained from being part of the Trowbridge Collaborative Schools and joining the Youth Sports Trust Package
Our School Sports Premium Plan
Physical Development is and has been a very important part of our core curriculum at all Key Stages. It continues to be our aim to enable all pupils to be as physically active as possible on a very regular basis. With this new funding we have thought about the overall aims and how best we can interpret this for the needs of our pupils.
Our long term aims included:-
  • The breadth of opportunities for pupils with Severe and Complex Learning Difficulties.
  • The need to tackle issues of obesity.
  • Bringing in specialist elements of sport into our environment that may meet specific individual needs.
  • Investing in resources and training to extend the range of opportunities and experiences our pupils have.
  • To increase opportunities for participation in school sport in a range extra-curricular and competitive opportunities
  • To use physical activity to improve pupils’ health, wellbeing and educational outcomes
  • To use PE, School sport and physical activity to impact on whole school priorities.  
Through parent consultation and communication with local sporting groups and deliverers , gain clear information about what activities our children participate in outside of school to see if links can be established with these organisations.


Sports Premium Focus and Impact Information

Sports Premium Allocation 2017-2018 £16,490

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Sports Premium Allocation 2016-2017  – £8,150

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Sports Premium Allocation 2015-2016 – £8,140

Larkrise School Sports Premium 2015-16 POST_Page_1

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