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Mary Seaman

Weekly visits to cafes, when we are able (Hope Nature Centre Café or Fairfield College Cafe). These visits help to promote social skills and toleration of new places.


Walks in the local community to the shops, park or to practise walking appropriately.


Art days with Becky Churchill.


Weekly Food Technology sessions are very sensory and also help to encourage reluctant eaters to try different foods.

The curriculum has an emphasis on communication, personal and social skills, independence skills and sensory needs.

This includes visits out of school (e.g. walking to the park, shopping, cafe visits, soft play), activities in the Sensory Studio, Attention sessions, LARKPAC sensory communication sessions.

We use SCERTS (Social Communication Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support) to set individual targets for each child.

Our curriculum is very practical and we are not afraid of making a mess! We have had great success with our Attention programme (formerly known as Attention Autism) which promotes listening and attention skills and helps children to learn in other curriculum areas.


Our visits out of school have helped children to behave appropriately in public places and become used to encountering new places with less anxiety.


We use our snack times as a communication session focusing on the use of PECS (Picture Exchange System) and also introducing children to new foods.