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Dan Mattravis

KS2/3  Years 3-8

We follow a broad and balanced curriculum which focuses on independence and like skills through the medium of weekly community visits. We walk to the shop once a week to purchase ingredients for cooking and travel to the café for a well-deserved drink and a snack every Friday. We swim weekly to build our water confidence skills as well as take part in a block of horseriding sessions for one term a year. We take part in ‘Attention Work’ four times a week as this has proven to be an effective route to embedding listening and attention skills. We are an active and busy class with lots to keep us engaged!

Pupils and staff in Penguins class are amazing because, no matter what, we always try our very best. We understand that progress can take time and so we deliver a curriculum that is well tailored to individual needs, primarily social communication, emotional regulation and independence skills. We approach learning with practical and meaningful activities, as well as hands on experiences to fully enhance positive outcomes and high achievement. Our classroom is low distraction to ensure high levels of participation and attentiveness which can then be generalised in a wide range of areas.

We support our pupils to develop their speech and language trough AAC and appropriate methods of non-verbal communication, in addition to encouraging Makaton signing. We understand communication lies at the root of all behaviour, and so work to support pupils to understand how to manage their anxieties and share these with appropriate people who can help them regulate.

To summarise, we are a class that is caring, kind, patient and determined to assist pupils in generalising skills that will be useful for future independence.