Which class will my child be in?

There are eleven classes in school. The classes are divided into Lower and Upper schools. This helps in planning suitable activities for pupils and students at different key stages. The pupils and students are all taught by qualified and experienced teachers who are supported in class by a number of experienced Teaching Assistants.

How does it all work?

There are a variety of other professionals who also work with our pupils and students. These include Speech and Language Therapists, physiotherapists,Occupational Therapists and a peripatetic Music Therapist.
Each classroom is resourced and equipped in a different way. This reflects the variety of needs of the pupils in the class.

In the Key Stage 1 groups you will find water play, sand play and a home corner.
Classrooms change as pupils progress through the school giving them the opportunity to develop a new set of skills.

Pupils also learn to socialise and make regular trips to places such as Fairfield College. Trips out in the local community are also an important part of our learning.

All our classrooms tell you something about the pupils and students in them.

Please come and visit us

We invite you to visit Larkrise School; it will help you to understand what your child is doing in class and give you an opportunity to see the wonderful resources we have here such as the sensory room and hydrotherapy pool. However we do ask you to let the school know in advance of your intended visit; many of our pupils are easily distracted and we try not to disturb lesson times. Remember though, that you are very welcome.

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