The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 provides advice on the admission procedures of children with special educational needs, and the Admissions Code of Practice informs admission arrangements.

1. Referral and Admissions Procedures – Local Authority (LA) Guidance

All referrals to Larkrise School should come from Central SEN Services, Department for Children and Education, Wiltshire Council, following discussion by the LA’s Assessment Panel. This applies to all referrals for admission, both from within Wiltshire and from other authorities including Swindon. Wiltshire LA, as the admitting and funding authority, needs to be aware of all referrals and to approve them before they can proceed further. If the school is approached directly by another authority, another school or a parent, the LA should be contacted in the first instance.

2. Admission to Larkrise School

Pupils are admitted to Larkrise School on the advice of the LA and with the approval of the school’s Governing Body. A statement of Special Educational Needs is provided by the LA to identify each pupil’s individual special needs and how these needs may be met.

All children tend to be referred to Larkrise School with a Statement in place.
When the LA refers a child, the school considers whether it is able to meet that child’s needs. If this appears likely then contact is made with the family to visit the school. A profile of the pupil will determine whether the school needs to consider additional resources prior to a place being offered.

If a prospective pupil has complex medical needs, an agreed care plan must be in place prior to the pupil starting. In addition should the pupil require specialised medical intervention; staff who will be administering the intervention will require appropriate training before the pupil is admitted.
“The following criteria will be applied to all applications, in the order set out below to decide which children to admit in the even of oversubscription. Looked after children as defined by section 22 of the Children’s Act 1989”.

3. School-Age Admissions

Children may be admitted to Larkrise School at any age from 4 to 19 years. Such admissions are likely to be the result of statutory multi-disciplinary assessment, although there are normally informal discussions between the Headteacher, parents and LA officers during the process. Admission can take place throughout the year.

Prospective pupils and their parents are encouraged to visit the school and meet with the Headteacher and other staff so that the children’s individual needs can be considered in detail. This will ensure that the provision is appropriate and that the necessary resources are available.

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