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Rachel Bell

Wrens is a mixed reception and year one class that follows the principles of the Early Years Curriculum

We have swimming on Monday mornings at Clarendon pool and in the afternoons we have a super singing and signing session with Susie.  On Tuesday we have PE with Miss Cheadle. On Wednesdays we have art where we will probably get very messy!  Thursdays we explore technology and on Fridays we have a celebration assembly.

In Wrens we work closely with families to support and encourage children’s developments.  There is a large focus on the prime areas of learning which are communication, personal and social skills and physical development where we work together with parents to develop foundations for future learning.  We understand that children learn best through play, exploration and opportunities to practice skills in a safe and exciting environment.  We strive for children to achieve independence in collaboration with families.

We believe that children learn best through play and exploration.  To support this the classroom is zoned in to different areas of learning filled with wonderful and exciting resources.  Areas include a role play area, a creative area, small world, and construction, messy play including sand and water, and our ever developing outside area.

In Wrens we love to get creative and messy!  We are always keen to know about your child’s interests so that we can incorporate them in to our planning.