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Class Name & Teachers Name(s)

Welcome to Parrots class
Becky McPherson/Sheila James

Curriculum Focus and Topics

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Homes & Community



Events & Daily Activities (in & out of school)

Pupils in Parrots class have their own individual tasks to complete each morning, everyone has their ow spellings and reading books as well as target work which can be completed at any point during the day where there is spare time.

We cover Literacy, Numeracy, Science, P.S.H.E, Phonics, D.T and Topic (which covers geography, history and R.E.

Curriculum Information – Summary

Parrots class cover the Key Stage 3 curriculum. The different KS3 units are addressed across the year and we meet the targets via the topic.

What we do best / What makes our class amazing?

Our class work hard on independence and working with focus and organisation. We try hard to remember new information once we have covered it in our topic. Parrots class approach a range of subjects through cross-curricular learning and the topic that we are covering each term is a method of driving the work.

We are a great class because we have a range of abilities and personalities but we all support each other and help everyone do their best.