Journeys Workshop at Larkrise 6-5-16

We began by looking at the sculpture “Shapes in the Clouds III” by Peter Randall- Page. The three students made their initial observations, “ Loads of lines and patterns”, “I like the colours.”, “It looks like a map”…”It looks like the Earth…the Earth has patterns…”, “They go like this (making swirling movements with hands)”.
As we were following the theme of “Journeys”, we decided to begin a journey through materials. Starting with salt dough and graphite powder, students explored adding line and pattern through moulding the dough and creating forms.
The students then worked as a team to recreate the form of Randall-page’s  sculpture using balloons and tape, which they then coated in ‘Modroc’.
Working on form, we began with small-scale models and then experimented until a final design was agreed. We then progressed to using fabric and exercise balls to make a large scale sculpture.
The students learned new techniques, using silk paints and water to create marbled effects. Finally, the students added their own fantastic bright marks!
The results are spectacular combination of colour and form.
The learners’ enthusiasm has been amazing. Here are some of their comments: “This is really fun!”, “Brilliant”, “I loved doing the balloons”, “Fantastic, I enjoyed all of it”, “I had a wonderful time”, “It was good today”, “I love Modroc”, “It looks lovely doesn’t it?”.
Well done to Natalie, Sky and Emma for all your hard work.
Sophie Lowe, Artist, working with the Multi-sensory Arts Project.

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