Introduction to Makaton Signing

                       Introduction to Makaton sign at Larkrise School
All are welcome to come to this introductory session to learn some key word Makaton sign vocabulary.
Makaton signs are used alongside speech and symbols to support the understanding and expression of language for those with a communication difficulty.
In this session you will learn around 30 Makaton signs and there will be information on  opportunities to develop your skills further if you are interested.
Date – Monday 9th July
Time – 10.00-11.30 a.m.
Where – Larkrise School , Ashton St. Trowbridge BA14 7EB
Tutor – Susie Nowell Kelley
Regional Makaton Tutor
Cost – Suggested donation of £5.00 (No cost to Larkrise staff and parents/ carers of children at Larkrise )
Please park off site on the residential streets close by. Thank you.
To reserve your place please contact me on 01225 761434 .

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