Forest School Term 6 session 1

Weekly blog created by Sue Eyers, HLTA – Forest School Lead

I am continuing to work with the 5 students from Swan class this term. They are going to be encouraged to use and build on the skills that they learnt last term, to help make them more independent when taking part in the activities in the Woodland setting. There will be a reduction in adult support to encourage them to think for themselves, work together and be part of a team.

Session 1 “Exploring New Environments”

The students returned to Clanger Wood after the Half Term break. They were given the task of choosing one of the many paths for the group to follow. This was quite successful until one of the students got stuck in the mud and had to be helped out. The next hurdle was negotiating a fallen branch, most chose to crawl under but one decided to find the lowest part and climb over. They continued their walk through the dense woodland in a circular route ending back at the car park.

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