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Welcome to Finches Class

Teaching the class is Gill Lovell

Curriculum Focus and Topics


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Homes & Community



Events & Daily Activities (in and out of school)

Weekly visits to various parts of our community: We go shopping each week to buy the ingredients for our cookery session where we learn to find the items and pay for them. We also go to local parks, town centres and leisure facilities and learn how to cope with busy places and use road crossings. We also visit a local cafe and practise money skills, eating and socialising skills.Cookery is an important session each week and helps the student’s to learn skills needed in later life but also helps with acceptance of new foods.

 Sensory art with Becky Churchill, artist : Each term, we enjoy a day of art with Becky. The last one involved covering the whole classroom with paper and then painting everywhere with paint and getting covered in paint in the process.

Transition to adulthood through community access/Attention Autism / Yoga / leisure skills / Larkpac / Swimming every week / Days out each term and much more!!!

Curriculum Information – Summary

The curriculum has an emphasis on communication, personal and social skills, independence skills and sensory needs. This includes visits out of school (e.g. walking to the park, shopping, cafe visits), activities in the Sensory Studio, Use of the computer, Attention Autism sessions, LARKPAC sensory communication sessions, individualised programmes for children on the autistic spectrum and sessions focusing on children’s individual communication needs.

As we are a secondary aged group we really aim to work on skills that will be useful to the students in the adult world of supported living, assisted living and use of leisure.We try to assist each student to access the sensory diet they need each day to help them achieve their best with the least anxiety and best communication. Learning should be fun, so smiles are important. Actually you will hear giggles during our Attention Autism sessions!

What we do best / What makes our class amazing?

Our curriculum is very practical and we are not afraid of making a mess! We have had great success with our Attention Autism programme which promotes listening and attention skills and helps children to learn in other curriculum areas. The aim being to build attention skills and eventually to watch and then copy an activity and explore some materials independently.Our visits out of school have helped children to behave appropriately in public places and become used to encountering new places with less anxiety. Community access is a major focus to our work in Finches.

As Finches students move into Years 11 and 12 they have opportunities to gain a qualification which celebrates their learning at whatever level they are able to achieve. In Year 12 they also have an opportunity to try a bit of work experience. This may be for example, going to Larkrise Farm once a week to be with and work with the animals.

We use our snack times as a communication session focusing on the use of PECS (Picture Exchange System) and also introducing the students to new foods.  We use visual symbol schedules a lot alongside pictures and objects of reference. Routines and predictable change are embedded in our calm and minimally distracting classroom.