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Mandy Humphreys

We start each day with a multi-sensory Good Morning session which includes using switches and ipads to share news, singing and signing and is generally a brilliant way to start the day. Intensive Interaction is integral to our day and is an amazing way to make communication a realisation for all. Its success can be quite remarkable.

Postural Management is crucial to our day; if we’re not comfortable, learning cannot take place! We have physiotherapy sessions which may involve equipment such as standing frames, walkers, Langham Steps, physio bench, wedge and ball.

Multi-sensory sessions in class or in the Sensory Studio are based on the whole school termly topic and are always hugely successful and much loved by pupils and staff. P.E. is often a music and movement based activity but we also like games such as New-Age Kurling and skittles. Country Dancing is a wonderful alternative activity and Hydrotherapy is a regular session.

Life skills, such as eating and drinking, are a focus at break and lunchtime and washing hands and face and teeth cleaning are part of our lunchtime routine.                                                                  Discrete time is also given to work on individual tasks from the Profound Curriculum which covers five core areas of development – Communication, Life, Motor, Social and Sensory Cognitive Skills. `

Aromatherapy & Massage is a favourite activity as are our topic based L.A.R.C. Packs (communication through rhythm & touch).

We look forward to a week of wondrous experiences when the Multi-Sensory Art Project creates an environment within a geodome that is not only based on the term’s topic but also linked with Artists exhibiting at Roche Court, a sculpture Park near Salisbury. The MSAP is truly astounding and is a wholly multi-sensory learning environment, all the more special for having the dome.

We love our ICT sessions where we can try eye-gaze technology and the Sound beam, use a switch operated toy, use ipads or maybe have a visual / auditory experience without input. Switch /ipad use is important across all areas of our day and in many of our activities at varying levels of skill.

We are a really great team. We have routines and systems of work firmly in place but we are extremely flexible. Our pupils are amazing and never fail to astonish us with their reactions and responses every day. We are very enthusiastic and committed to providing a multi-sensory environment and a wide breadth of experiences.

Our multi-sensory stories are created to ensure all pupils are engaged and challenged. We are keen to make all activities age-appropriate but need to also bear in mind the developmental stage of individuals. We make sessions fun and engaging for pupils and staff. We have tremendous fun!

We respect each other and put postural management and personal care first as no learning can take place unless there is comfort. Physiotherapy is a priority too and our dedicated staff are committed to following individual physio plans, devised by the Physiotherapist.

We are continually learning, making progress and creating many WOW moments.