Puffins Messy Art Session

Large scale painting to music - Mozart

On the 7th November Puffins class enjoyed a “Messy Art Session” using a variety of materials and equipment e.g. rollers, paint brushes on sticks, various paint textures, spray etc.



The aim of the session was stimulating the senses, promoting language, communication, social development, motor skills and pre writing skills, relaxation, promoting play.

The sessions “inherent lack of structure” allows everyone to be successful with what ever approach they take.

The Room

Using tarpaulin and lots of paper/sheeting we covered the floor.

Paint and cornflour

Bubbles and paint


All staff to brought encouragement and sense of fun to the session and their own good ideas for making the session even better!

Encouraging children to… “  let’s try this……”

Can we make marks to the music?

Every mark making is encouraged, whether it is with equipment or own bodies.

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